Monday, April 28, 2008

Basin Day 2

April 26th 2008
Since our trout lakes were either not accessible or filled with dead trout we decided to hit the local warm water fishery. It proved to be a good decision as there was no wind and the bass and bluegills were already in the reeds ambushing our flies. No bobber needed, just a flick of the fly into the reeds with a strip, strip bam. We fished all morning into the afternoon on the west side of the lake.

April Basin Trip Day 1

It was supposed to be the bloody fingers trip; however, our favorite lake was not accessible due to the snow on the roads. We did make it into a neighboring lake and found the ice just coming off. We thought the fishing would be red hot but unfortunately the winter took its toll. We found too many dead rainbows to count littering the shore and the ice, the ravens were feasting on the poor fish. A few did manage to survive and they took what we offered.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Southern Utah Rainbows

I was finally able to get out for the first time since November. The day started off slow but picked up in the afternoon. We caught multiple fat rainbows below indicators.